10 thoughts on “Wuxia Novels”

  1. Potatolova says:

    I like poatoes

    1. KleinDaBomb or I'm Da Bomb says:

      I like em’ too

      1. Arman Khandker says:

        I like trains

        1. nickec2 says:

          i like planes :)

          1. Aokamikouzou says:

            I like robots

          2. PrancingPancake says:

            I’m INSANE!

    2. Potato-Man says:

      Yum i like them potaty’s too

  2. spicy says:

    Thanks for your work.

    If possible can you translate Kaettekite mo Fantasy!? even as a side project. I just started reading it now and I’m completely hook. Red Dragon Translation doing it but the updates is kinda slow. It has great potential. Please I really really like to read it so much and I’m curious what happens in the following chapters. Here is the link to Red Dragon Translation (https://reddragontranslations.wordpress.com). Please check it if your interested.
    One day, a boy accidentally fell into a dimension hole. What awaited him was a world of so-called sword and magic. Following a two year journey through this new world, he returned home, but not without experiencing disasters, wars and schemes. Upon his return to “Earth”, he found out that it has begun to intertwine with another world, named “Garesuto”. The world of technology in which he grew has been changed into a fantasy one. His parents divorced and he had no friends anymore. This boy with a new and different knowledge and overall ability gained from another world chose to hide it for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, his actions, accustomed to turmoil and war, are what make him different from his homeworld, the Earth that he knew.
    This story happened because he returned.

  3. that new guy by the water cooler says:

    if your taking requests could you do the same with close combat mage pls

    1. Read thhis says:

      CCM latest updated dec 1

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