Update(?) after a long time.

Well… the site’s still up, so that’s good I suppose.

For those who’ve been missing chapter 56 of Law of the Devil, I finally managed to find it waaaay back in my google drive. That’s been sorted out now, but I assume that a lot of you are have been resourceful enough to find a way to read it. It does happen to be on bcat’s site, so… anyway. I don’t expect anything to happen on this site in the near future, contrary to what I said previously, as there’s just nothing happening with Zagreus and this site as of right now. Apologies.

I also managed to restore the first 4 chapters, along with chapter 7, for those that would like to read it.

Sorry for no real news, just thought I’d toss an update, of sorts, out there.

2 thoughts on “Update(?) after a long time.”

  1. Varler says:

    Well, it’s still cool to see an update! See you around on Wuxia World and stuff, Kidyeon!

  2. jchill071 says:

    Yep, still nice to know the site is kind of in use

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