The Nine Cauldrons (Jiuding Ji) Book 1

九鼎记 – The Nine Cauldrons, by I Eat Tomatoes

This is the 6th Book by I Eat Tomatoes, i decided to pick it up as my first project. There are a total of 623 chapters, i will TRY to release 1 chapter daily. I hope that you will like this new series, i don’t have a good description ready with me yet, i will post something later, once we have finished a couple of chapters.


Chapter 1: Teng Qing Shan

Chapter 2: He was called “Wolf”

 Chapter 3: Yang Zhou City

Chapter 4: The magic eyes

Chapter 5: Powerful enemies

Chapter 6: War of Life and Death

Chapter 7: Tiger Fist

Chapter 8 : The Potential

Chapter 9: Tiger Shaped Magical Arts

Chapter 10: Smiling at Me

 Chapter 11: ‘Chun Tian’ – The Fugitive

Chapter 12: Millennium Chronicle

Chapter 13: Millennium Evolution

Chapter 14: Horizon Line

Chapter 15: The Upcoming Storm

Chapter 16

Chapter 17: Bloody

Chapter 18: Wolf

34 thoughts on “The Nine Cauldrons (Jiuding Ji) Book 1”

  1. plusy says:

    IET novel? nice. i wonder what kind of novel it is 😀

  2. TnToast says:

    thank you

  3. diedonetw says:

    One can’t simply have enough of IET

  4. djp6 says:

    thanks for the translation, and could you please set up a project page for law of the devil

    1. Zagreus says:

      Will do on Sunday, thanks

  5. John Adams says:

    might want to but up some sort of describing of the overall story so people can know whether this is something they would want to read, of coarse they can always just go look it up but since its as simple as a copy and paste thought i would recommend it.

    1. John Adams says:

      please disregard this as i just saw that you are already aware of it, sigh my bad

    2. Zagreus says:

      Haha, it’s all good. I am just leaving it as it is till we reach a specific section in the story.

  6. madhu89 says:

    thanks for picking this novel, i love IET novels

  7. Lowly Mortal says:

    Oh Esteemed Zagreus, can this lowly mortal man ask for the divine blessing called “Synopsis” for this holy work named The Nine Cauldrons?

    1. Zagreus says:

      Ohh lowly mortal, i think we still need to give this story a bit of time… if i put the actual description… Then it will be a major spoiler…

      1. Lowly Mortal says:

        It’s my honor to have you respond at my prayer Oh great god above and even if a lowly mortal’s opinion does not matter I thank you for the insight you have provided this poor soul. Fear not as this lowly mortal shall take this blessing you have provided me to the grave and shall not ask again.

  8. varler says:

    Is there a way to get mail notifications on new posts on the site? The feed button doesn’t work for me, and without notifications I might forget to check for new updates.

  9. Elsie says:

    Can you please post the synopsis? Thanks

  10. David says:

    I remember Ren had some kind of contest to write a synopsis for Coiling Dragon, so IET’s books don’t come with synopsis? :<

  11. Buda Guda says:

    I Eat Tomatoes concluded complete this series or is still ongoing?

    1. Zagreus says:

      It is completed

  12. Ashton Major says:

    Would it be possible for me to PR for this or something. All those spelling things, and grammar things, are really starting to get to me… I’ll take any sort of test or anything, and I can do the PR after the ch is released if you want. Just kinda wanna fix it.

    1. Zagreus says:

      I am actually looking for a Proofreader as well… please get in touch at

  13. G8 says:

    What is IET book or IET novel mean?

    1. Zagreus says:

      Name of the Author,

      I Eat Tomatoes

      1. G8 says:



  14. harihari says:

    Thank you so much. I do enjoy it very much. Thanks for generosity.

  15. Dreki says:

    Is this a reincarnation story? I started reading it and it seems to be set in modern times. Not a fan of that type. So…..Is this a modern story or reincarnation story? ^_^

    1. Zagreus says:

      You’ll know when the first book ends.. It’s almost about to end…

  16. Ashton Major says:

    To all who read this I’m in your care as your editor~

  17. Nguyen Gia Thai says:

    Guys, guys~ Is the old version of 9 cauldrons or the rewritten version (same author)?

    Because while the original version is good, the rewritten read like author contracted a severe case of chuunibyou in his 70s and it goes to his head. Seriously.

    Original version: MC is a street-smart kid who is too lazy to learn all kinds of martial arts his various teachers foist upon. He gather a great harem, achieve great things, affect the world, all with the power of his mind/tongue, not his brawns. He’s like a Naofumi but without his drive to learn combat skills, and waaaaaay more social.

    The chuunibyou version: MC is a punk, a chuunibyou of first order. The End.

    1. $_$ says:

      Are you sure that your versions of the nine cauldrons is from IET? I can hardly imagine IET make a harem plot..

      1. Nguyen Gia Thai says:

        Then it can only mean IET’s version is the new one. Seriously, that author~ :sigh:

        1. alaticarmin says:

          i think there is an another novel with a similar name so maybe he mixed it up.

  18. Hero's Magical Sword of Light says:

    Make a Compilation please! For those readers that have slower/unstable internet

  19. Alex says:

    I really want to start reading this novel because I love IET, but every other IET novel I started reading when it’s at least 3 books in. If I start this early the cliffs might kill me. Will come back in a month to read.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Droped?halfass work.

    1. Kidyeon says:

      It gets better, I need to edit the earlier chapters still.

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