The Nine Cauldrons (Jiuding Ji)

九鼎记 – The Nine Cauldrons, by I Eat Tomatoes

Ever since Emperor Yu cut through the hills and ruled the earth, the nation has been divided into nine states. So the earth was called the Nine States.  After Emperor Yu passed away, the world went into endless dispute.  One thousand years later, a brilliant man, Emperor Qinlin came along. He once split the Yan River with one hand. With his great power, he created a united world. However, the world fell into chaos again once Emperor Qinlin passed away and has never been unified again.  Then ‘Teng Qing Shan’, a modern world’s Master comes to such a world…


Book 1

Book 2


14 thoughts on “The Nine Cauldrons (Jiuding Ji)”

  1. Burningman says:

    its about what? can you make a description now?

    1. Silva Lau says:

      I concur, we need a synopsis

  2. KuroShinki says:

    Description from Baka-Updates:

    “Teng Qing Shan spent the first 7 years of his life in an orphanage. After getting adopted he hoped that his life would change for the better.

    However this hope was short-lived. The organization that took him away set him on the bloody path of becoming an assassin.

    After countless hardships he found one thing to love in this world only to get it taken away from him.

    This story follows Teng Qing Shan who now pursues the only other thing that can fill his live, the pinnacle of martial arts.”

  3. dracolichknight says:

    were is the raws?

  4. Tangmen says:

    Is there a glossary?

    1. Kidyeon says:

      What do you mean?

    2. Zagreus says:

      Will set that up with the description soon.

  5. crazyboy1200 says:

    release schedule?

  6. Tie says:

    Jeez Guys at least be thankful to the translator first before whining like little kids. it quite tasking to translate and non-encouraging attitudes doesn’t motivate sheesh

  7. Tangmellina says:

    I’m not going to lie. Every time I read the wuxia translation of nine cauldrons I picture Teng Qing Shan to look like Urek Mazino from Tower of God when he fights the only difference is that he’s had a spear and black hair.

    Thank you translaters for this translation. Out of all the IET novels this is my fave character. My favorite attack is Ji Ning and the funniest one is Bebe/Linley. Then there’s Qin Yu who was my first IET and wuxia.

    1. Kidyeon says:

      LOL I know right

  8. sk8late says:

    this is an IET work so will it become more xianxai or is it a pure waxai work and if it is does he have any other pure waxai work?

    also love the story keep it up

  9. Dash323 says:

    We really need a glossary for this… With the long period in between chapters I forget the power stages >.<

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