The Nine Cauldrons (Jiuding Ji) Book 2

36 thoughts on “The Nine Cauldrons (Jiuding Ji) Book 2”

  1. deadlybell says:

    dont you mean chapter 6: coming soon…

    1. Zagreus says:

      fixed it…

      1. tally tales says:

        Will their be any more updates??

        1. Kidyeon says:

          Please read the novel hosting areas page.

  2. osealey says:

    When is Chapter 8 coming Zagreus?

  3. wadhaalazmieAnonomous says:

    Keep up the good work:) will be waiting for chapter 8:)

  4. Lucidrabbit says:

    When will chapter 12 coming, Zagreus?

    1. Mr Oranges says:

      Zagreus says most likely by tonight. Quote, “I was translating it…then got caught up in the story, and started reading.”

      1. Needmyfix says:


  5. sai says:

    Thanks for translating this wonderful novel m8. I really appreciate you doing this.

  6. crazyboy1200 says:

    This novel is awesome. Can you be more dedicated?

  7. ace235 says:

    is this series on pause?/

    1. Zagreus says:

      No, just planning for a massive release lol

      1. Needmyfix says:

        HOw massive?

  8. denny zhang says:

    massive release???? OMG

  9. fuspu says:

    The Link to Chapter 8 is wrong

    1. Kidyeon says:

      Got it, taking a look right now.

    2. Kidyeon says:


  10. Witono says:

    Hi, when will chapter 16 be released ?
    awaiting the new translated chapter.

    Keep up the good work

    1. akeshiro says:

      if im not wrong its already around 20days

      1. Witono says:

        didnt saw any Chapter 16 in the book 2, any links ??

  11. HaHaHaaa!!!! says:

    Are these guys okay?

  12. jaym says:

    When is chapter 16 of book 2 coming out

  13. crazyboy1200 says:

    soo loooong… when is the massve release gonna come? hell is it even gonna come out at all?

  14. syedsunnyahmed says:

    did they just give up on it ??????

    1. Kidyeon says:

      No. Our TL is dealing with a business deal IRL, and is busy atm. He said he would be back with some chapters…sooon…ish?

  15. Mygrn says:

    It’s been translated to chapter 20 but the index hasn’t been updated to reflect this. When you return would you mind updating the index? Thanks

    1. Kidyeon says:

      Will update with next chapter release, and sorry I haven’t kept up with it 😛

  16. boyzdark says:

    Thanks for the translation :-)

  17. matt1986 says:

    how often are updates?

  18. VIRUS says:

    Was this novel dropped?

    1. Kidyeon says:

      Please read the novel hosting page, it’s been upped a bit in quality, and is being translated over at gravity tales.

  19. des7ini says:

    book 2 chapter 7 doesn’t work

    1. Amos Martel says:


  20. Leper Khan says:

    Where is chapter 7 of book 2? Did it get deleted? lost? never posted?

  21. GatzMaximus says:

    Book 2 chapter 7 not loading

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