*sigh* meow has been fired.

I’m going to get a lot of flak for this.  I really am.  And I’m sorry.  But, meow, I know he’ll probably read this too, harassed an editor on her website at times, and seemed to do some offensive comments outside of the site as well.

That being said, there is no TNC chapter.  I’m not going leech off of him for one last chapter and then fire him, or whatever…

I just want to edit TNC and some other novels y’know?  Not have to deal with being stuck between two hard choices; not be stuck dealing with other people’s stuff.

Meow, thank you for all the hard work.  Please, don’t hate me.

52 thoughts on “*sigh* meow has been fired.”

  1. WuxiaNovels#1Yandere says:

    Well…. If he was being offensive in some places then I support your decision. I probably would have had a harder time doing so if meow was released like a TNC chapter every three days or something but I would have still known you made the right decision. Thx for the update

    1. WuxiaNovels#1Yandere says:


      1. WuxiaNovels#1Yandere says:

        I have to say I’m a little concerned though because now we have no active translators on this site.

    2. doyouloveme says:

      Thanks for the Chapter.reading is over! Have wait again!!Here is like child-of-light.net!Reader who are interested can take a look!

  2. tembulon says:


  3. Life says:

    Was it curiosity that killed the cat? Is he Schrödinger’s cat? Is the editor disappointed she can’t practice her anti-pervert techniques anymore? TUNE IN NEXT SEASON TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT IN “Wuxiatranslations GO!”

    1. lordcattank says:

      i was wondering where you went off to life oh and why did you stop getting first ?

      1. Light says:

        Because Life happens

    2. sobbo123 says:

      “BAD KITTY!”
      meow was probably in heat. Kittyeon doesn’t like that cause it makes him lose face.

  4. Varler says:

    I agree with needing a good ethic. It’s sad to not have a translator, though. Good luck!

  5. Lollollol says:

    Congrats i guess.. Well the problem is we need a new translator or whatever.

  6. diffy2 says:

    never posted here before, but you shouldn’t post “this person has been fired for such and such reasons” it’ll bring further drama and hate to you and your site. It’s also pretty disrespectful to the person involved. You’re “throwing him under the bus”.

    It’s better to contact him personally and secretly let him go and then say something like “for personal reasons meow can no longer translate for us” maybe say something else if he wants to start his own blog and translate for himself.

    1. Kidyeon says:

      I didn’t mean to throw him under the bus. I kind of did TO GET FLAK, because I felt like crap when I fired him.

    2. D says:

      However, if he said “for personal reasons” people would hate and despise him….

      Between having someone who is the culprit for his own fate being hated, or someone else who is doing what is right to be hated…. i think it is better to throw him under the bus.

  7. saimne says:

    makes more sense than people getting butthurt over “email me ladies” and a single f-bomb…. gotta wonder what the “harassment” was tho. that word gets misused a lot these days. Not questioning the judgement, your site, do what you want. i’m just genuinely curious if it was actually deserved this time, or some retarded over reaction like the freakout over the “offensive” posts.

    1. Kidyeon says:

      Involved some chat spamming and cursing on taffygirl13’s website.

  8. Van-Hawk says:

    You should post the chapters up on the forum on wuxiaworld and mention the fact it needs a new translator. Might spark someone’s interest since its an IET work

  9. Lucky says:

    Try see the2 faces of the story why thi happen and why ,why meow say ofenses , i only tell this for a ore bright future

    1. Lucky says:

      Some people like to say crap when he not have more comments or only wants see another in sh*t for laught later , TAKE CARE , YOUR CHOICES HAVE SOME WHEIGHT.

  10. Endrew says:

    Hy there. Have you tought of cooperating with WuxiaWorld? The Nine Cauldrons is I Eat Tomatoes novel, and WW (RWX) has quite a lot of expirience with IET’s works (Coiling Dragon and Desolate Era). You should give it a try :)
    Well anyway, hope things will soon work out for You & Co.

    1. lazy22 says:

      Someone already mentioned this. Check earlier comment.

  11. ambi says:

    Sorry to hear you had to make a hard decision. We know you did that with the best intentions. That said, good luck finding another TL!

  12. Eccentric Lezmier says:

    ehm ehm

    Cause you had a bad day!
    You’re taking one down
    You sing a sad song just to turn it around!
    You say you don’t know
    You tell me don’t lie
    You work at a smile and you go for a ride!
    You had a bad day
    The camera don’t lie
    You’re coming back down and you really don’t mind
    You had a bad day
    You had a bad day

  13. ...the fuck man. says:

    Hey meow just start your own site cus fuck this guy who is not willing to have your back I for one am no longer coming here cus of the lack of loyalty.

    1. Xollrtmen says:

      You know. We should all follow the guy who is to lazy to spell because. But what do I know. We are all mouchers. Don’t blame the guy who fired Meow. Stop being a child and grow up.

    2. lazy22 says:

      Seriously … a leecher complaining about a translator/editor. BTW why the hell does he/she require your loyalty?

    3. OhDine says:



      *get’s fired for making hateful and sexist comments*

      “NO HONOR!”


  14. Rango says:

    Why can’t we all be friends? is it so difficult to be nice and courteous towards eachother especially when your working on projects like lightnovels which you definitely don’t do for the money but for the people who read them…

  15. Yellow says:

    I am very to hear this news :(
    hopefully, a translator can be found soon …

  16. Xollrtmen says:

    Rip you glorious fucker.
    Rip you beautiful bastard.
    Thank you for the memories Meow

  17. baskaa says:

    Not gonna visit this site anymore—> removed from bookmarks. Really hate how you guys have been handling stuff in the past month

    1. WuxiaNovels#1Yandere says:

      We won’t miss you :)

  18. Fallen says:

    The downfall of this site started when Mark got dropped.

    1. Kidyeon says:

      *sigh* I guess so… It wasn’t officially dropped. The TL for it just disappeared on us though.

  19. Yoomama says:


  20. cannibaloid says:

    I vote to bring Meow back.

    Spamming on chats, swearing on another TL’s site, asking for emails, other misc stuff? Who cares? Those are painfully minor things that shouldn’t warrant firing him.

  21. Thoreard says:

    I wish u good luck :3

  22. OhDine says:

    TBH I won’t notice anything, ya know, at the speed he was releasing chapters anyway I forgot the story even existed.

  23. Azuraflame says:

    I wish the site to find new translator because every work you ve done is very intresting
    Please god lesten to my call and bring them the greatest translater i knew its stupid but i love your work

  24. Kristen says:

    No hard feelings. I think it’s pretty obvious that Kidyeon has been the only person running this site for months now. Sucks that you’re willing to edit but can’t find a consistent translator.

    That being said, thank you Meow for your work so far. You helped ease our withdrawal with a couple of chapters, and we’re grateful.

    I hope that everyone can let the drama go and be at peace… Best of luck to both of you.

  25. er gen fan says:

    I don’t care about that, but I’m sorry that you have stopped your updates for it :( If Kidyeon put himself second on this site, no-one else would dare put themselves first. Meow had eyes, but couldn’t see Mt. Tai. Now let the translations continue!!!

    At least Law of the Devil, 9 Cauldrons, and Sovereign of the Three Realms.

    1. Kidyeon says:

      If you google bcat00 you can find LOTD, and volaretranslations for STR. TNC… News on the way sometime soon.

  26. Ren Lazkrovic says:

    Truly amazing how quick you human beings make thou decisions. Goodness, be grateful that all you readers don’t to monkey jack squat. Tough decision indeed but you could make do with MTLs if anything or these people in the comments can make themselves useful instead of their senseless complaints. Another point is that the internet is barely a respectful place as are human beings nowadays and common courtesy is rare. Well, regardless, there is still hope if you’re ‘able’ to go beyond the negatives.

  27. Rohit David Joseph says:

    Firing A transalator is the worst fucking move. Nobody is a saint. Everyone has times when they get pissed and spam or trashtalk others. Firing on that silly basis?

    Bad move kids, Bad move.

    1. WuxiaNovels#1Yandere says:

      You talk a lot of crap you know that?

  28. Azuraflame says:

    Sir please find translatlor please ??????? i m sorry to bother you but pllllllease

  29. KydeonFan says:

    Good job kydeon! I dislike him since the previous post! I totally support your decision!

    1. Kidyeon says:


  30. Azuraflame says:

    Sir please my only wish to read 9coldrons don’t be heartless hire someone anyone you’re torturing us

    1. Pacifier says:

      Don’t worry. Kideyon did say that we’ll soon get news about TNC, so there might be someone already planning to work on it..
      Maybe I’m just being too hopeful?

  31. Sindaregion says:

    And here I was wondering why the updates had stopped. This is a pity. Since it’s IET, hope it gets picked up by someone else. Spread the word, fellow daoists!

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