Novel Hosting Areas.

I’m doing an update post to let people know some things, as I see quite a lot of people reading SS (Swallowed Star), LOTD (Law of the Devil), and AMO (A Martial Odyssey).

I’m also doing this post, for those that don’t already know, for the reason of letting you know that Gravity has picked up The Nine Cauldrons.

Swallowed Star is currently translated by Zebulin, over at Translation Nations, so please feel free to check out the original source, where it’s much more up to date.  I will ask again soon to update the chapters, but I’m currently quite busy, so it may be a slow process.  He also seems to post once a week to once every other week, so it’s a little slow… but still a great read!

Law of the Devil is currently translated by BCat00, on his own site.  Please, feel free to check out his translations as well!  He tends to post, it seems, around 3-4 times a week.

A Martial Odyssey is translated on a constantly updated forum post.  It can be found here, with the first post acting as a TOC, and he tends to post at least once a week.

The Nine Cauldrons is now being translated over on Gravity, where it is now being released once a day.  As hectic as the schedule has been… I would recommend re-reading.  The quality has also been picked up a bit, due to some quality editing.

Mark, for those who don’t know, has been dropped.  It is essentially a teaser.  Our original translator moved to Australia around a year ago… and has since disappeared.  We haven’t heard a peep since.  Hope he’s doing okay!

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken is being translated at Circus Translations, where it seems to be in multiple languages now!  It roughly looks like a 2 a week thing, so hope you guys can enjoy the read!

Sovereign of the Three Realms is being translated on both Volare Translations, and on Wuxia World!  It’s released roughly 5 times a week, so that should be a good thing to stay up to date with as well!

Last but not least, keep watching this space!  Things are sure to happen in the future!

12 thoughts on “Novel Hosting Areas.”

  1. Varler says:

    Hey, the site’s back up! Now that all of these series are being translated and hosted on other sites, will you be taking this one down or doing anything else with it?
    And thanks for the update.

  2. pdtiger1 says:

    Nice to see something posted 😀

  3. Kristen Kohashi says:

    Thank you for the update! I love Nine Cauldrons and didn’t know it was still being translated.

  4. Zombieloan says:

    .Help!!…ch 7,8,9 of Mark are not working ……and the raws are in flash format so GT doesn’t work!!
    It’s a really good novel it’s a pity it’s been dropped.

    1. Kidyeon says:

      I’ll see if they need re-posted, thanks for reporting!

  5. Fallen says:

    Mark showed some good promise. I guess not a whole lot of people liked it.

  6. wes174 says:

    i really miss mark, more interesting then the average jappanse another world novel by far. (though probably cause its korean) but yeah really was interesting.

  7. superposhposh says:

    Thanks for informing us

  8. naru-e says:

    hm… it would be nice to have the wordpress like button, just saying…
    :) glad this site is alive

  9. Queen says:

    Law of the devil ch 56 not working

  10. zenlas says:

    Damnnnnnnnn My Mark!!!!!

  11. MonkTom says:

    Hi, Hello. Thank You?

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