‘Meow’ and his posts…

So… I’ve removed meow’s permissions to post and will be posting in the future as before.  Sorry to those of you who were offended if you were.  Meow is a little bit crude.  Not a bad guy I swear!  Just a bit…crude.  And meow will still be free to comment, just not post.

27 thoughts on “‘Meow’ and his posts…”

  1. bozidar4 says:


    1. Alreadyded says:

      He was swearing and apparently some people had a problem with that. Not sure why seeing as at least one of the novels translated (havent started Sovereign) has gore, swearing, and will probably have more as the story goes on.

      1. Kidyeon says:

        More of the constant questioning for girls

  2. Blackdragon says:

    Wwhhhyyyy he was ssoo funny at least his posts made me smile and laugh more then all of the other translator T-T

    1. Kidyeon says:

      He’s still able to post… And I’m working on finding a chat thing. If anyone has anything they can suggest, then they can talk with him all they want X)

  3. dns7950 says:

    Damn, that is retarded.. Someone’s being nice enough to translate for free, and people have the nerve to bitch and moan about a translator dropping the f-bomb once, when the work he is translating is clearly mature.. People should stop being so uptight and pull the sticks out of their asses. If someone had a problem with it, they should piss off and stop reading. Meow did nothing wrong.

    1. Kidyeon says:

      A lot of people where complaining, not via comments, about said “girls email me”. I may let him post again in the future, just not atm. Don’t hurt me :(


    ahh sorry i got bored easily once i am bored i dont tl and its pending so i post to start a chat . but no reply for a long time and i get bored again.


    aie aie aie all posts were troll since i was bored and i was never serious on mailing me either it was just start a chat

  6. schkrale says:


    I am at a loss for words, and i am disappointed with myself that the stupidity of some organisms (i refuse to call them people) can surprise me.

    Its not as if he was asking girls for cybersex in exchange for chapters for which i think some girls (and few guys) would be game… :D, but even if he did that ignore it numb sculls instead of being offended, Disgusting…

    BTW i didn’t care for notifications without chapters but i cracked a smile reading CUTEFLUPPYADORABLEGIRLCHASERMEOW’s posts…

    1. Kidyeon says:

      I want posts to be neat and orderly. I am really, really trying to find a chat where people can just chat and be themselves. Sorry for offending you, for wanting a bit of order on the site.

      1. zololi says:

        Try chatango

        1. Kidyeon says:

          It has to be coded in, I’ve looked into it.

  7. schkrale says:

    no i am not offended, and i understand your move, since it is your site and want to please everybody but ppl are complaining about so much stuff it baffles me..and as a man in my 30s i shouldn’t be baffled by human idiocy.

    Once more, i understand your move, but i don’t understand why would someone complain…

  8. Kyu says:

    People get offended over the stupidest stuff :<

  9. deadlybell says:

    lol…. really? you removed his right to post cause a few children seen a curse word eh…. kinda feel bad for meow since a lot of novels that they most likely read have worse than that XD

  10. Azareal says:

    I didn’t notice what happened when it originally happened, but this post has certainly brought it to my attention.
    From the looks of Google Cache, the guy said some “bad words”, and some clowns have gotten uptight about it.

    Just what I’d expect from today’s ridiculously politically correct society where every little thing results in people being smacked down. Especially, with the souless job of translating on sites like this.
    As they say.. No good deed goes unpunished.

    Honestly speaking, I was done with this site quite a while ago. I returned recently to see how a few stories were doing, caught up a little and walked off again. After seeing this, I can see that this site is clearly going in a really bad direction.
    Sacking the guy from a volunteer job, simply because some people got a little uptight. I just find that disgusting.
    Have you ever heard of speaking to the guy and having a discussion about things, perhaps?

    1. Kidyeon says:

      I talk to him every time I edit the chapter. I am not TRYING to be the bad guy here. I’M SORRY FOR TRYING TO BE THE PERSON TO MEDIATE ON THE FACT THAT THESE GO ON NOVELUPDATES AND EMAILS.

      1. midoriha says:

        kidyeon, woah, calm down, calm down—! i recognise it’s totally not your fault! i think the original poster misunderstood! it seems he(?) thinks that meow was totally fired from translating, which he clearly isn’t! calm down, it’s a misunderstanding, i believe! the person seems more angry at society though, lol! it’s ok, kidyeon, i understand! just some people whining and stuff about bad words….-shakes head-


        lel even i dont this matter why are u people still quarreling for posting rights lel i never knew that the message goes to email sorry for that it was simply done to give u guys the progress report of whats happening if theres any possible delays and for some chat wen i get bored. my intention was to start chat not to get complains lel. anyways i am working on 28 which will be released tonite.

  11. sobbo123 says:

    I thought the translators wore the pants in the relationships but I guess not. Poor naughty kitty.

  12. Varler says:

    I support freedom of expression, but I also agree with keeping the posts professional and organized. That’s necessary if you want to make it anything more than a small translating site. Also, a lot of people don’t like getting their emails spammed by random stuff. So, thanks for doing this.


      yep u dont like random stuff i agree even i didnt knew what i post here goes to email.

      And TL is boring and i get easily bored so i asked permission to post so i can give u some updates and little bit chatting with u guys ..

    2. meow says:

      And i am doing everything for free and tling on my free time and i dont plan or ask for donation either if u cant bear my rant it will be 1 chapter per week. cia

  13. redroajs1 says:

    Alllllllrightyy~~!! Now let’s all have some cookies and grab a glass of iced milk and chill out!! Here, I’ll go first. *dips cookie into milk* CHEERS!!!! :)

  14. nickec2 says:

    I feel offended and betrayed that there isn’t a picture of my waifu as a wallpaper on all pages of this site…

    Will the sites designer be fired next?

    Makes sense because logic?

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