Korean web novel by Lee Gyung Hoon

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Summary: It was just the usual night for Suho, nothing out of the ordinary. On his computer, he was casually surfing the internet until he came across a link for a certain survey. If it was any other day, he wouldn’t have clicked on it, much less completed it, but for some reason this time, he just did. Afterwards, he went to bed, ending the night in just the usual way…but he would end up waking to a whole new world; a place of fantasies, full of magic.
He would awake to this new life of his, with a new name: Mark.


Mark Prologue
Mark Chapter 1
Mark Chapter 2
Mark Chapter 3
Mark Chapter 4
Mark Chapter 5
Mark Chapter 6
Mark Chapter 7

30 thoughts on “Mark”

  1. firelordeg says:

    thank you for sharing this fantastic translation as well as for all the time and effort put into this please continue as life allows hmm …. seem you for got to post chapter 4s link

  2. Conviter says:

    youd you add a synopsis

    1. tirthasumeragi says:

      I concur! We need a synopsis…well, copy from Baka updates or something?

  3. exqalph03 says:

    Really? Is there really a lack of synopsis~? lol~!

    — Thanks for picking this up~! Translating~? Thanks ^^.

  4. Mr Oranges says:

    Okaay I tried writing a synopsis. There is none on baka updates or anything by the way.

    1. Mr Oranges says:

      Oh wait, there’s one on the raw but…oh well -facepalm-

  5. MaCcoy Neri says:

    Oh? A Korean novel ? Surely its full of couples and romance and SHIT.! its all bull crap!! Hope the author stumbles and die in a painful way.

    1. Vanadier says:

      Well that was unnecessary.

    2. greyturn says:

      wow!, so much hate wtf! why would you come here if you hate novels with romance and couples? and why bother to comment? I suggest you go watch Expendables instead, it’s full of balls or Brokeback whatever is up your alley .

    3. Thoreard says:

      Yeah just WTF is up with you !!!

    4. NotHating says:

      b*tch plz, stop hating

  6. Zitronenlustig says:

    I have read till chapter 9 so far, and I really like it. I am looking forward for new chapter releases, thx. for your hard work!

  7. Oberon says:

    Hello, is there ny news as to when the chapters will reume?

  8. Stoiki2000 says:

    Hi i have finished to read last chapter,i like this novel,is this novel droped ? i did not see a new chapter in a long time,can some 1 please share even a link to raws please ^^’

    1. Kidyeon says:

      It isn’t dropped, however the TL hath disappeareth from us…so we all cry ;-;

    2. firelordeg says:

      there is a link to the raw above the summery

  9. blackrabbit96 says:

    has the translation been put to death?

  10. nyssa blando says:

    Thanks for the manga

    1. rlackbabbit says:

      theres a manga?

      1. Kidyeon says:

        If there is we didn’t know haha.

  11. Mister m says:

    Is it dropped

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  14. RandomMarkykun says:

    The linka for 7-9 aren’t working T.T but why wont this update. Its been forever and it’s very good. I hope you guys can pick this back up again.

  15. ibrahim says:

    i think some of the links are broken. mark chapter 7, 8 , 9. or may be there are things that i am aware of none. i dont know. can anybody enlighten me pls.

    1. firelordeg says:

      yha there broken it really sucks to as this can only be found here even if it is only nine of the chapters well now only 6

  16. Rogue Wolf says:

    Has the translation for this been dropped? I don’t foresee myself learning Korean in the next 2-3 years (busy trying to learn Mandarin), so I would really hate to get addicted to this novel only to find no further chapters T_T

    1. Kidyeon says:

      The translator for this novel disappeared. I’d love it if someone picked it up, but past the first 24 chapters costs :(

    2. Rogue Wolf says:

      Sadly, the only Korean I know is how to say hello and my name

  17. chon says:

    chapter 7,8,9 dont seem to work it just sends me to the home page

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