Law Of The Devil



Without a single good point, believed to be waste and a retard, when selling his soul to the devil, what will he gain in return? Fame? Strength? Wealth? Power? Overturning all the laws of this world, let us watch the rise of a devil……

“I know, one day this world will bow at my feet!!” —— Duwei


Chapter 1- 15 (A013)

Chapter 16 – 23 (Bagelson)

Chapter 24: Vivian’s Sister

Chapter 25(a): Sisters’ Battle (Beginning)

Chapter 25(b): Sisters’ Battle (Ending)

Chapter 26: The Scary Outside World

Chapter 27: Don’t Work Anymore

Chapter 28: Political Influence

Chapter 29: Night Of Romance

Chapter 30: Roar in the Island

Chapter 31: Duwei’s Return

Chapter 32: Monster

Chapter 33: The World Of Three People

Chapter 34: Leaving the Magical Island

Chapter 35: Open Sesame

Chapter 36: The Servant

Chapter 37: The Legend

Chapter 38: The Heart of a King

Chapter 39: Bless of God

Chapter 40: Duwei’s First Fleet

Chapter 41: Captain Jack Sparrow

Chapter 42:  Duwei’s Plan to Wealth

Chapter 43: Goodbye Kiss

Chapter 44: A Figure Comes Out of the Painting

Chapter 45: The Unusual Saimel

Chapter 46: Solskjaer’s Fire Element

Chapter 47: Treasures in the Secret Room

Chapter 48: Gambling with the Army

Chapter 49: Becoming Sturdy

Chapter 50: Playing Big

Chapter 51:  Mard Is Flying

Chapter 52:  Visit of the Magic Teacher

Chapter 53:  Vivian’s Teacher

Chapter 54: Frozen Forest, the Monster World

Chapter 55: Frozen Forest, the Monster World II

Chapter 56: Zombie Monster & Golden Eyed Python

Chapter 57: The Richest Widow in the Empire

Chapter 58: Snow Wolf Mercenary Group

Chapter 59: The Fate of the Adventurers

Chapter 60: Big Circle Lake

Chapter 61: Semel’s Presage

Chapter 62: Big Circle Lake Murder

Chapter 63: Semel’s Appearance

Chapter 64: Charnel on the Snow

Chapter 65: Gift from the Holy Knight

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  3. agila0212 says:

    Thanks for picking this up! Right now there’s still a few chapters but I have a feeling that it would be an awesome read….

  4. RobotLove says:

    Thanks so much for picking this up! I look forward to more releases!

  5. jasad says:

    woohoo!!! thx alot guys for translate this series!!!

  6. lordnitsua says:

    Hey, thank you very much for picking this up, i have been wanting to continue the story, and can not wait to see what happens next! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  7. megaancient says:

    finally, been waiting for a long time for this.A big thanks for picking this up.

  8. Kyrie says:

    Thx much for picking up the project!

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    Thank you for picking this novel. You guys rock!!!! :DDD

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    DAEBAK…. Thanks for picking this series up…you guys…JANG!!!!

  13. madhu89 says:

    thanks for picking this series up

  14. yuzu9 says:

    how the hell could I have missed this??!
    here I was weeping around about no one willing to pick this novel up… and now it’s active again!!!
    Oh dear translator I do not know how to thank you enough!!! really thank you sooooooo much! 😀

    1. mario199494 says:

      It is fun but I can guess that author changed? Couse you know, 20 or so chapters are slow and in next, BOOM!!, fight, explosions, lights, fire and ice! Wounded dragon, and more! 20 chapters is shounen next wuxia?! Of course its awesome!!! I can see that you need editors and cleaners with tis series, great work and thanks! 😀

    2. RWX says:

      i have read the whole novel. the novel.. it is boring on the long run…

  15. Dude says:

    Thank you for picking this up!

  16. xeroxedechidna says:

    Thank you for picking this up!

  17. Name says:

    It’s great that this series will get more updates, but can I ask for the table of contents to be updated, as well as adding links for the next and previous chapters in each chapter? It will really help with reading it. Thanks for the work!

  18. DeithDhu says:

    Thank you for picking this up!

  19. Nico Klein Langer says:

    Oh…! This is great… Now I can continue reading Law of the Devil again…. Thank you so much for picking this up……!!!

  20. johnspo says:

    this is a good novel.

  21. Buda Guda says:

    anyone can tell me where i can read the first chapters?

      1. Buda Guda says:


  22. Krad (@kradusbarbus) says:

    great novel thanks for your hard work and keep updating it , kind sir ! <3

  23. fufufufu says:

    great chapter… btw HELP
    your links in the martial odyssey from book 3 chapters 16 and above,
    when you click it you go back to home page… help

  24. FTaku says:

    This page has a link to chapter 25 but there is nothing there. Please fix or remove it

  25. hajime says:

    can somebody tell me what’s this about please ?
    is the MC OP ?
    is this a tragidy ?

    1. FTaku says:

      He is super weak but very intelligent due to being reincarnated. I have yet to see any tragedy so no to the tragedy tag so far. He is a unique MC, most people revel in reincarnation while he is depressed due to the fact that he believes he stole the destiny of another child. You really have to read it to decide whether it is good or not. I just can’t wait for the devil contract that is supposed to happen later.

      1. hajime says:

        i see thanks

  26. Anon-kun says:

    Do not take it personally, please. I’m just bitching and moaning for the sake of bitching and moaning since this group has no obligation to translation anything in the first place (I assume it’s voluntary ( regarding translation), whenever it’s due to monetary gains or something else (groups reasons are its business)), but the promise was – one chapter per day at least.

    Why make promises when there’s no intention to keep them?

    And why the fucking fuck this page is not updated with the recent chapters?

    It’s sloppy and unprofessional.

    Internet’s already a huge river of never-ending feces, so why add more to it?
    How about starting a small wellspring of pure water?

    /rant over

    1. Mr Oranges says:

      Quoting the about page, “It takes me 3-4 hours to translate a Chapter. At present i will try to upload 1 chapter a day at least.” It says he will try, not guarantee.
      Zagreus does the translating and managing the sites alone. He also has a job to commit to.
      Sloppy and unprofessional? I have to remind you this isn’t his profession.
      Again, he’s already quite a busy person but still spends 3-4 hours working on something extra.

      When you bitch and moan about the site and translation done by one person, this is what you call a personal attack, unless you’re thinking Zagreus is a free translating bot. Or that the site updates itself.

      I understand readers will become impatient with slow releases, I have plenty of empathy on that count, but being insulting and sarcastic does not help.

  27. deadlybell says:

    44 is up on this site but theres no link here for it, just thought i would let whoever manages the legend about it.

    1. Mr Oranges says:

      Thanks for the notice deadly, fixed it now.

      1. chuck says:

        Umm, i still can’t read chapter 44, it always redirects me to home page …

          1. chuck says:

            Thank you for quick reply :)

      2. deadlybell says:

        replying here so you get an alert for the message…. this legend has been neglected its up to chapter 50 so far and it only shows up to 46 on the legend. sorry for the trouble

        heres a link to 50 in case you didnt want to check my claim the hard way

  28. Insane says:

    Not to disappoint anyone, but around chapter 100, the story gets twisted in a very weird direction. It had good potential at the start, however, i just feel the story dont make any sense after that. Perhaps it would be better to invest more time onto other novels/web novels instead.

    1. Kidyeon says:

      We appreciate the warning to people, but please don’t say anything TOO spoilish 😛

  29. deadlybell says:

    aho updates says more is released for this series on this website [a few chapters more] than whats on the legend figured i would inform you

  30. Lost says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me… but I can’t read Ch37. Nothing shows up.

    1. Zagreus says:

      May i know what error are you facing? I tried, it is working for me…

      1. Lost says:

        I think it’s not loading for some reason, even when I use a different browser. Your note shows up, the share links shows up, and the comments shows up. Basically everything works fine except the content of the chapter itself…

  31. Word says:

    I like dis, I like you for translating dis.

    1. scarletflames255 says:

      Your ironical use of “dis” instead of “this” is incorrect. You just sound stupid.

  32. scarletflames255 says:

    For anyone wondering, this page hasn’t been updated yet, chapters 54 and 55 are out already.

  33. Sicarius236 says:

    Finally finished reading all of it… raws I mean… That was f*cking awesome!!! ^^

  34. Aokamikouzou says:

    I sincerely thank you,with all my heart!

  35. Ananya says:

    I did a marathon on finishing all the 58 chaps. Since yesterday night…awesome stuff!!! Thanks for translating… Now crazily anticipating your next chap translation

  36. Wanga says:

    I have finished ch 58, I was led here by a very misleading description for this novel lol so I have now completely changed the baka-updates page so no one else suffers the same fate and maybe even attract the right type of audience now.

    I have a question though, since from ch54 – 58 this is again looking like my type of novel. I am interested in someone gaining power, fighting and making fortunes. Can someone let me know if this continues similar to ch 25-35 which were a struggle for me to read or will it gain some of its wuxia elements in future chapters?

    I dont need spoilers but just a general idea from someone who has read the raws or has an idea of the plot progression.


    1. hellsblessing says:

      Maybe you should check out this light novel I feel like you will like it since it goes along with the interest you seem to have but if not, at least I tried.

  37. Satou Pendragon says:
    1. Kidyeon says:

      Thanks for catching this! Fixing now!

  38. john jacobs says:

    great work on the translation, my only wish is that there was more.However your not being paid for this,so keep up the good work!

  39. miki995 says:

    Oh man :( will Law of the devil be dropped, even though it is so interesting? *pout* sigh~ no, the three new chapters made my day, but the comment below the three new chapters in the email spoiled my day T.T please don’t drop this novel !!! and thanks for your translation <3

  40. IWantTo says:

    Only reason for me and many others, to come to this site, is now taken away…
    Fcuk this shyte…
    Let’s cut d crap and move on…

    1. Kidyeon says:

      Then go to B Cat’s website. The translator didn’t wanna continue it, and it’s his choice isn’t it?

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  43. Larsson says:

    thanks for the translation.

    just so you know, the links to chapter 45 and 46 aren’t working, only leads to the main page.

    1. danielboka says:

      Nice job, thanks !!
      The links for ch 45 and 46 are still offline, can u please repost then!!

      1. Kidyeon says:

        I’ll go do so right now!

  44. Khelmeth says:

    The link for chapter 56 redirects to the homepage

  45. Минин Кирилл says:

    Thank you for your translation. But you have an error on the site. There is no way to read chapter 56. If any attempts to read it, throws to the homepage of the site.

  46. Amon RA says:

    vol Chapter 56: Zombie Monster & Golden Eyed Python ( – not working!
    Please repair this! thanks

  47. Kukua says:

    Some Chapters is Not Working Like Chapter 56! please fix it thanks!

  48. Kingshadow2324 says:

    Hey for some reason I can’t read chapter 56 please help

    1. Kidyeon says:

      A lot of chapters were lost… give me a little while :/

  49. Kingshadow2324 says:

    I can’t read chapters 70 and up. Please help.

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