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A martial odyssey

Novel Hosting Areas.

I’m doing an update post to let people know some things, as I see quite a lot of people reading SS (Swallowed Star), LOTD (Law of the Devil), and AMO (A Martial Odyssey). I’m also doing this post, for those that don’t already know, for

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*sigh* meow has been fired.

I’m going to get a lot of flak for this.  I really am.  And I’m sorry.  But, meow, I know he’ll probably read this too, harassed an editor on her website at times, and seemed to do some offensive comments outside of the site as


‘Meow’ and his posts…

So… I’ve removed meow’s permissions to post and will be posting in the future as before.  Sorry to those of you who were offended if you were.  Meow is a little bit crude.  Not a bad guy I swear!  Just a bit…crude.  And meow will


So our TLs have basically quit…

Today marked about a month since I had messaged the 2 new translators about chapters.  One has officially quit.  The other has said he is so bogged down with he final year of Med school, that he can’t do it.  For now, he’s gone as


No new chapter for me to upload…

One translator busy, one disappeared atm, and Zagreus in his usual work grind.  And here the one who disappeared was saying he wanted to do sponsored lol.  The next chapter has about 3 paragraphs done and was last edited… A week ago?  Sorry to disappoint.


Status Update

UPDATE: (Ception?)  I will be working on and releasing all the chapters I currently have within next 2 days.  When I posted this update, it was 10PM CST, September 9, 2015.  I have been bogged down with life and couldn’t even lay a finger on

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No Mark Updates For Around a Month

Our translator, Oranges, will be in the midst of moving soon, and is in the process of getting ready, and will also be dealing with the actuality of moving with things such as…you know…living.  He is actually even moving countries!  So there will be quite


Starting to Post Chapters on Reddit

We, as in I, Kidyeon, are going to be updating all our stuff on the lightnovel subreddit along with on here.  There will probably be delays and stuff, and I’ll probably do it a few hours after on some, but this will hopefully attract some


Chapters Tonight/Today

Okay, so yesterday, if you are in the same timezone as me (Which is GMT -6), I mentioned 3 chapters.  Well I’m currently working to proofread the next 2 chapters of The Nine Cauldrons, and the next chapter of Slimeyness.  There should also be another