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Update(?) after a long time.

Well… the site’s still up, so that’s good I suppose. For those who’ve been missing chapter 56 of Law of the Devil, I finally managed to find it waaaay back in my google drive. That’s been sorted out now, but I assume that a lot

Law of the devil

Law of the Devil Chapter 62

Law of the Devil Chapter 62: Big Circle Lake Murder is now ready to read too!  If my endurance holds out…we’ll have a small mountain of chaps at the end of today.  If not…well I heard you liked cliffhangers? 😉

Law of the devil

Law of the Devil Chapter 54 is FINALLY here!

Sorry guys I, (Kidyeon), have been having personal issues with my computer and internet. We didn’t wanna post the raw version, but it’s been sitting in backlog for 3 days T_T Enjoy the chapter here, Law of the Devil Chapter 54: Frozen Forest, the Monster

Jiuding Mind

The Nine Cauldrons Book 2 Chapter 8

After Zagreus getting mad at me for not releasing, *rubs aching head*, here is The Nine Cauldrons Book 2 Chapter 8: Amazing the World with a Brilliant Feat! Again…please stop with the spamming for Mr Oranges…he hopes to promise faster releases than all the others. 

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A Martial Odyssey 2- Chapter 12

A Martial Odyssey, Book 2 -The Celestial Realm By Avidfan Chapter 12: The Stellar Heaven Fairy   Yi Ping kneeled on the ground and was smashing the ground in front of him furiously until his fists had turned bloodied. He was lamenting woefully and his tormenting