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A martial odyssey

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I’m doing an update post to let people know some things, as I see quite a lot of people reading SS (Swallowed Star), LOTD (Law of the Devil), and AMO (A Martial Odyssey). I’m also doing this post, for those that don’t already know, for


The Nine Cauldrons Book 2 Chapter 27

Well other than nearly dying getting a Christmas tree brought inside my home, I think I’m good.  Sorry for the delay, so go read your chapter here! And notes from meow: ‘with my busy schedule i can’t do more than 3 chapters per week at


No new chapter for me to upload…

One translator busy, one disappeared atm, and Zagreus in his usual work grind.  And here the one who disappeared was saying he wanted to do sponsored lol.  The next chapter has about 3 paragraphs done and was last edited… A week ago?  Sorry to disappoint.