Currently We Have 2 Translators:
Mr Oranges

As well as 2 Editors who are currently approved:
Lawful Anarchy

We are currently translating 3 projects:
The Nine Cauldrons
Law of the Devil

We have discontinued Tensei Shitara Slime Datta, but a Clown has continued it.

We are a semi-lazy group of people who get stuff done, when it gets done.  We all have to work around life, and we deal with what comes while providing you guys chaps…SO DUN COMPLAIN!

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  1. Andrew says:

    I recommended Swallowed Star. it is a good novel from IET as well.

    1. Zagreus says:

      It is already being Translated :)

      1. Spiro says:

        One chapter per week. It would be nice to get chapters faster 😉

        1. Coco says:

          Come on now, the translator have a life and other tasks to perform 😉 Let’s be grateful for what we get a week 😀

          1. scarletflames255 says:

            TRANSLATORS HAVE A LIFE?!!? Where do I get this thing!!!!


  2. mr. mas :3 says:

    I think u should translate martial odyssey 3.

  3. Cloud says:

    Martial Oddyssey is already translated?

  4. Krad (@kradusbarbus) says:

    maybe focus more on Law of the devil ? is so much more interesting and awesome?:D:D:D

  5. Hello says:

    I’m just curious but a little lost on the martial odyssey. Is it 3 books so far and the first 2 books have been fully translated or are they seperate books altogether and they are being translated at their own pace?

    1. Zagreus says:

      The first 2 Books are fully completed…. The 3rd Book is still ongoing…

      1. Hello says:

        thank you very much for the clarification? Also it might be good to leave a note on the project page to clarify that for new readers. Just a suggestion.

  6. madhu89 says:

    thanks for translating awesome novels m8, we appreciate it, also love this site, first time here

  7. silvereternity says:

    Thx for the translation!

  8. ckh988 says:

    Is there anyway you can make a follow tab for wordpress? I noticed your site is powered by them so it should work I think. I really love what I’ve read so far on your site so I don’t want to is any posts. I could do it o google as suggested but truthfully I find google plus a pain so I just use google. If you can’t then thanks for trying.

    1. Zagreus says:

      I will probably do a follow tab soon, probably this weekend…

  9. GrimVeilRule says:

    Have you thought about adding your site to http://aho-updates.com/ ?

  10. Peter Liu says:

    bro ur home page isnt working

    1. Zagreus says:

      Yes, sorry about that. was changing servers caused a downtime of 3-4 hours.

  11. chenmoizm says:

    Is there no box set for donations? This is a good effort on your part and i’d to donate for this particular cause.

  12. Alyx says:

    Heya sorry for asking, firstly thank you for translating nine cauldrons, but do you have the link to the raws? Can’t find it anywhere! Thanks in advance!

  13. jojo the wabbit says:

    Law of the devil dropped?

    1. Zagreus says:

      No it’s not… Actually I have submitted the Next chapter over 4 Days ago… But our editors are too lazy (Kidyeon) Or buzy to finish it up…Q.Q

  14. Please. says:

    If possible can you translate Kaettekite mo Fantasy!?. I just started reading it now and I’m completely hook. Red Dragon Translation doing it but the updates is kinda slow. It has great potential. Please I really really like to read it so much and I’m curious what happens in the following chapters. Here is the link to Red Dragon Translation (https://reddragontranslations.wordpress.com). Please check it if your interested.
    One day, a boy accidentally fell into a dimension hole. What awaited him was a world of so-called sword and magic. Following a two year journey through this new world, he returned home, but not without experiencing disasters, wars and schemes. Upon his return to “Earth”, he found out that it has begun to intertwine with another world, named “Garesuto”. The world of technology in which he grew has been changed into a fantasy one. His parents divorced and he had no friends anymore. This boy with a new and different knowledge and overall ability gained from another world chose to hide it for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, his actions, accustomed to turmoil and war, are what make him different from his homeworld, the Earth that he knew.
    This story happened because he returned.

    1. Zagreus says:

      I am sorry, but we don’t like taking projects which other translators are already doing, even if their release is slow. Unless they themselves make a notice saying they are dropping the series.

      1. thanks says:

        Okay but still thank you. Also thanks for you hard work.

  15. Moop says:

    Could you improve the the mobile version of your site when you have time? Its currently pretty hard to read on. Desktop version is great though.

  16. Tie says:

    You guys are quiet wicked you have gotten me hooked on law of the devil and nine cauldrons i come here every other hour looking for a fix wicked wicked wicked, now that’s out of the way, i really do enjoy your translations and its quite easy to visualize the words i must say it took me right into the world on the writer. T_T off to cry for more chapter. Thanks for the works!!

  17. Unchained Rage says:

    Is Book 3 the last in the series for Martial Odyssey?

  18. Vincent says:

    What happened to the translation of Mark?

  19. boosiv says:

    :S new post don’t get posted on my WordPress feed. I have to come to the website to check if a new chapter is out or not.

  20. Ogami-kun says:

    Sorry but the 9C dropped?

  21. Mister m says:

    What happened to mark

    1. Kidyeon says:

      The translator… disappeared…

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