A Martial Odyssey Book 3 by Avidfan


Yi Ping and his group have finally transmigrated to the Celestial Realm and they found out that the Celestial Realm isn’t exactly the place that they are expecting. Can Yi Ping protects all his love ones from the intrigues of the Celestial Realm? Who can Yi Ping really trust?

An unexpected celestial event had occurred and the Stellar Sanctuary had descended upon the Celestial Realm. Can Yi Ping and his group unraveled the secrets of the Stellar Sanctuary before it vanished?


“It is said that when a martial exponent reached the highest state of divinity of their arts, they be able to transcend into Celestials, overcoming the limitation of life and death. And as Celestials, they have to overcome seven celestial divinity, Genesis, Enlighten, Emotion, Transverse, Seventh Sense, Crisis and Ascend in order to transcend to the Heavens.”

“The immortal path is now beginning to get understood but it is even more dangerous and difficult to achieve; a celestial practitioner must overcome nine divine tribulations to attain as an Ancient Celestial. After that, they have to overcome another 9 divine tribulations. By that time, a gambit has to be made to open the Heaven Eyes. Finally only after overcoming the the Heaven Sundering Divine Calamity can a celestial practitioner fully awaken as an immortal practitioner!”

“But even as an immortal practitioner, there are seven immortal divinity to overcome; Lesser Stellar Positioning, Greater Stellar Stellar Positioning, Lesser Heaven Positioning, Greater Heaven Positioning, Lesser Cosmos Positioning, Greater Cosmos Positioning, Seventh Cosmos Positioning!”



Chapter 1: War of the Immortals
Chapter 2: The First Immortals
Chapter 3: The Three Pinnacle Flower Stance
Chapter 4: Surprise Reunion
Chapter 5: The Great Ascetic Heavenly King
Chapter 6: The Universal Harmonic Chain
Chapter 7: The Esper Formation
Chapter 8: The Unchained Melody
Chapter 9: Uneasy Truce
Chapter 10: The Essential Righteous Energy

Chapter 11: The Divine Practice
Chapter 12: Memories
Chapter 13: Farewell
Chapter 14: The Deific Divine Skill
Chapter 15: The Iron Formation
Chapter 16: The Predestined Eighteen
Chapter 17: Divine Revelations of the Darkswords
Chapter 18: The Divine Trinity Fire
Chapter 19: The Eternal Light and the Blessed Heaven
Chapter 20: The Ancient Swords Pool

Chapter 21: The Terrifying Boss of the Thirty-Eight Floor
Chapter 22: The Sanctorum Relic
Chapter 23: The Dark Primordial and Great Ascetic Heavenly Kings
Chapter 24: The Martial Emperor Unifying Force
Chapter 25: The Goddess Asura
Chapter 26: The Sanctorum Manifesting of the Celestial Alice
Chapter 27: The Mystique Core Divine Pill
Chapter 28: The Path of Immortality
Chapter 29:  Level X
Chapter 30: The Great Goddess Fantian

Chapter 31: The Western Paradise Heavenly King
Chapter 32: The Thousand Memories Sword
Chapter 33: The Ancient Heavenly Sage King
Chapter 34: The Golden Invincible Force
Chapter 35: The Immortal Hero of the Three Known Realms
Chapter 36: The Divine Nine Cauldron and the Divine Icefire Skill
Chapter 37: The Dark Emperor Robe
Chapter 38: The New Martial Grandmaster
Chapter 39: The Fantian Sovereign Sword
Chapter 40: The Eighth Immortal Positioning!
Chapter 41: The Great Desolate Goddess
Chapter 42: Dual Divine Harmonizing!
Chapter 43: To be Continue……..

To be Continue……..

Quick Characters Introduction

AMO1: The Divine Calamity
Yi Ping
Clan of Origin: None
Other Alias: Lord of the Tranquil City, White Sage, Dark Lord of the Chao Cosmos
The main character in AMO, a righteous young man who has nothing but courage in his heart. When he had heard that the Celestial Fairy from the mysterious Eternal Ice Palace had passed away, he joined the hordes of curious fighters of the martial fraternity to the Heavenly Mountains hoping to learn a thing or two from the superior fighters that were gathering there.

But what happened there completely changed his life.

Shui Yixian
Clan of Origin: The Eternal Ice Palace
Other Alias: The Celestial Fairy, Revelation Star (Previous), Goddess Ishtar (Previous)
The Celestial Fairy is the sectarian leader of the Eternal Ice Palace. Her previous incarnation a thousand years ago was Revelation Star, one of the Three Sisters of Fate from the Celestial Melody Palace.


Shui Yujian

Clan of Origin: The Eternal Ice Palace
Other Alias: Jade Sword Fairy, Eclipse Heaven Goddess
Yu’Er is the direct protégé of the Celestial Fairy. She would later reawaken as the Eclipse Heaven Goddess, one of the most powerful celestials of the Celestial Ascension Sect. She is generally more reserve than her twin sister, Mei’Er.

Shui Meijian
Clan of Origin: The Eternal Ice Palace
Other Alias: Beautiful Sword Fairy, Axis Heaven Goddess
Mei’Er is the direct protégé of the Celestial Fairy. She would later reawaken as the Axis Heaven Goddess, one of the most powerful celestials of the Celestial Ascension Sect. She is generally more jovial and outspoken. It was love at first sight for Mei’Er to Yi Ping and she was not shy to express it.


Xiao Youxue

Clan of Origin: The Virtuous Palace
Other Alias: Endor Vixen Fairy (Previous)
Youxue was also a fugitive from the Virtuous Palace and was constantly hunted.

Youxue had a great enmity against the Celestial Fairy. It was because her grandmother Shui Yisi was actually the second protégé sister to the Celestial Fairy. Shui Yisi was banished from the Eternal Ice Palace and her hatred for her younger protégé sister Shui Yixian was passed down to Xiao Youxue to shoulder.

Her previous celestial incarnation was the Endor Vixen Fairy and she was from the Great Quiescent Sect, the same sect as the White Sage and the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden (Yunzi).

Ji Lingfeng
Clan of Origin: The Holy Hex Sect
Other Alias: Heaveness
Lingfeng saved Yi Ping from Jue Yuan the Merciless Monk. Unknown to Yi Ping, she was also the Holy Maiden of the infamous Holy Hex Sect.

In time to come, Lingfeng would realize that she was actually the Heaveness, an Ancient Celestial.

Dugu Yunzi
Clan of Origin: Virtuous Palace, Sacred Divine Clan
Other Alias: Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden (Previous)
While she may be the protégé of the Virtuous Palace, her true identity was actually the Holy Mistress of the Sacred Divine Clan.

She is also the older protégé sister of Xiao Youxue.

Her previous incarnation was the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden of the Great Quiescent Sect.

Now she is the sectarian leader to the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan.

Lie Qing
Clan of Origin: Invincible Divine Clan, founder of the Virtuous Palace
Other Alias: Heavenly Temptress, Luminous Star (Previous)
She is also the wielder of the Perpetual Darkness Divine Sword, a dark celestial sword. She had failed her Divine Calamity and she didn’t think that she would actually survive. Yi Ping took a gambit and used the Divine Dragon Pill on her in an attempt to revive her.

Her previous incarnation was as one of the Three Sisters of Fate, Luminous Star. She was the second sister to Revelation Star and Melody Star.

Huan Le (Lele)
Clan of Origin: Celestial Palace
Other Alias: Lele, Joyful Goddess, Melody Star (Previous)
Lele didn’t want to help Yi Ping at first and reluctantly go to his aid only because Lingfeng requests for her to do so. But she really got into a big mess with him later.

Her previous celestial incarnation was as Melody Star, third sister of the Three Sisters of Fate to Revelation Star and Luminous Star.

Shen Xingyue
Clan of Origin: Ascension Sect
Other Alias: Fiery Phoenix, Dark Enchanter (Previous)
She was engaged to the White Sage previously and among all the fateful maidens, is the only solo survivor from the Dark/Great Descendant.

She lost her Perpetual Darkness, affecting her celestial practice but manage to acquire the Blue Heavens Divine Sword as a timely replacement. However she gets into plenty of trouble as the Blue Heavens is also claimed by the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan.

AMO2: The Celestial Realm
Shi Shi
Clan of Origin: Melody Palace
Other Alias: Stellar Heaven Fairy
Shi Shi was the first of the fairy maidens that Yi Ping and his group had encountered in the Celestial Realm. It turned up that previously she was the protégé mistress of the Three Sisters of Fate.

Ye Yin
Clan of Origin: Ascension Sect (Holy Ascension Sect)
Other Alias: The Ascension Goddess
Ye Yin is also the wielder of the Despairing Heavenly Divine Sword, the counterpart darksword to the Perpetual Darkness.

As a Supreme Celestial of the Ascension Sect, she was quickly groomed to the leadership position of the Ascension Sect. In less than a hundred years, she had also established herself as one of the seven most powerful celestial fighters in the Celestial Realm.

When she saw Yi Ping, she had determined that he was the righteous man that she has been looking for all this while and for that, she was willing to throw everything aside!

Clan of Origin: Melody Palace, Celestial Aiel Sect (Present)
Other Alias: Chaste Lunar Fairy, Lunar Heaven Fairy (Previous)
Jing’Er is the protégé sister to Shi Shi and Yang Min. She is also the protégé mistress to the Three Sisters of Fate.

As a newly arrival to the Celestial Realm, she was forced by circumstances to join the Celestial Aiel Sect.

Yang Min
Clan of Origin: Melody Palace
Other Alias: Exalt Heaven Fairy
Yang Min is also the Left Protector of the Martial Deviant Clan. She was surprised to find out that her two close sisters are actually still alive after all these years and one of her sisters, Shi Shi had actually advanced as an Ancient Celestial and was married to Yi Ping.

Xiao Qian
Clan of Origin: Celestial Aiel Sect
Other Alias: Celeste Wind Maiden
Originally a Dark Celestial, her real name is Xiao Qian. She is also one of the seven most powerful celestial fighters in the Celestial Realm.

The name of her divine sword is the Celeste Wind.

Han Lin
Clan of Origin: Celestial Aiel Sect
Other Alias: Icy Dragon Maiden
In secret, Han Lin is also a Dragon Practitioner.

Clan of Origin: Celestial Aiel Sect, Goddess Theocracy
Other Alias: Goddess Aiel, Sagess Ai
Aiel’s Heaven Eyes was sealed by the Goddess Celestial Alice and banished to the Mortal Realm to serve as the High Priestess of the Pangu Race.

After many years, she had finally ascended to the Celestial Realm, taking on an identity as the Sagess Ai.

Gusu Xiang
Clan of Origin: Eight Lotus Immortal Sect
Other Alias: Goddess of Mercy
A former Zen Practitioner that joined the side of the Arhat Practitioner. Not many people knew her real name and she doesn’t use it until recently.

A powerful Goddess of the Greater Cosmos Positioning, she will seriously follow her pledge to the last letter!

Celestial Alice/Ziyan
Clan of Origin: Goddess Theocracy
Other Alias: Goddess Celestial Alice, Great Goddess of the Three Known Realms
A Zen Practitioner, Alice is also the Eternal Goddess of the Goddess Theocracy, a position that she relegated to the Goddess Asura when she vanished from the Immortal Realm.

She is known as the Great Goddess of the Three Known Realms.

Clan of Origin: Goddess Theocracy (Previous)
Other Alias: Goddess Isa, Battle Maiden Isa, Goddess Isa of the Eighth Heavens
Isa used to be the leader of the Goddess Theocracy in the Eighth Heavens until she was banished to the Celestial Realm after losing a narrow fight to Alice.

Before her banishment, she was the chosen of the Goddess Theocracy and next in line to be the Eternal Goddess if any mishap happens to Alice.

Clan of Origin: Goddess Theocracy
Other Alias: Goddess Asura
Before she becomes the Eternal Goddess, she was the leader of the Goddess Theocracy in the Sixth Heavens.

Asura is a rather passive Goddess, maintaining the same passiveness even when she had become the Eternal Goddess.

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